DTAP deployment with common script

Posted by Bas on 19/01/2012 under How To | 4 Comments to Read

When I develop a QlikView app I use datasources that are local on my PC. For instance my local SQL Server instance has a shrunken copy of the production database. When I deploy the QlikView app to Test I want it to use the datasources that are on the Test machine. When I deploy to Acceptance I want to use the acceptance datasources and of course in Production the real datasources have to be used.

This article describes how I cope with the DTAP (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production) environments in QlikView. Read more of this article »

OnApplyBookmark document event trigger

Posted by Bas on 28/09/2011 under How To | 3 Comments to Read

QlikView offers different document event triggers: OnAnySelect, OnOpen, OnPostReduceData and OnPostReloadData. They all enable you to respond to certain events generated by QlikView. This can be useful in many cases. For instance, I often use the OnOpen trigger to have the current date selected when the user opens the document.

The other day I was developing a QlikView app where I wanted to execute a macro action when the users applied a bookmark. In this case I needed to refresh a chart with different measures that were selected by the user. QlikView does not have an OnApplyBookmark trigger. So how do we persuade QlikView to help us achieve this goal? Read more of this article »

Quick post: Qlik Here for My View of QlikView 10

Posted by Gilles on 21/10/2010 under Nice Reads | Be the First to Comment

There’s a nice positive review of qlikview 10 and it’s new features by Ventana research. You can read it here:  Qlik Here for My View of QlikView 10.

Funny: the writer does see value in the mekko chart. I think it’s confusing and might even consider a pie chart.

Furthermore remarkable: the writer (David Menninger) says it’s not such a major release. And I think he might have a point here!

Anyway read it yourself!

Quick post: Qlikview’s SWOT analysis from Gartner and comments by Qlikview

Posted by Gilles on 20/10/2010 under Nice Reads | 2 Comments to Read

I came across this post on Qlikpowers blog: Qlikview SWOT. It’s interesting to read because it adresses some threads and weaknesses wich are commented on by Qlikview.

Quick post: Qlikview 10 is generally available

Posted by Gilles on 12/10/2010 under News | Read the First Comment

The press release can be read here: pressrelease

The Qlikview 10 introduction site can be found here: QV10

A soon to be released post about the most important new features and functionality is coming up!

I forget: what’s in memory?

Posted by Gilles on 02/09/2010 under Articles, Nice Reads | 2 Comments to Read

I’ve came across an excellent post by Boris Evelson on his blog: http://blogs.forrester.com/boris_evelson/10-03-31-i_forget_whats_in_memory (thanks to @vizubi) it’s an old one, but it makes perfectly clear what are the differences between the different in memory options. Evelson makes distinction between 5 types of in memory solutions, divides the solution providers over these 5 types  and gives pro’s and cons for every option. Nice read!

In the same category: compare in-memory solutions is this post by Boris Evelson as well: http://blogs.forrester.com/boris_evelson/10-09-01-not_all_in_memory_analytics_tools_are_created_equal where Boris gives advice on how to compare in-memory solutions. Nice read as well, and nice comments from two Qlikview adepts

New Qlikview video, about the in-memory advantage

Posted by Gilles on 29/06/2010 under Nice Reads | 10 Comments to Read

There’s a nice new marketing video on qlikview.com. It’s called “The Qlikview in-memory advantage“.

There’s just one thing they always seem to forget at Qlikview: to have such a nice way of ” analysing and visualising all your data” you DO NEED a solidly build and well architectured datawarehouse!

QlikView Security

Posted by matthew on 15/06/2010 under How To | 5 Comments to Read

Last week I encountered a few problems with a QlikView app where I had to implement a section access component. The section access needed to fetch the users and roles from an Oracle Database.

Reading through the QlikView Docs I found the chapter about security, explaining an example how to implement it but unfortunately the QlikView Docs aren’t so clear and I had to search through the QlikView forum to find people with similar issues. Read more of this article »

The underlying technology of QlikView

Posted by Gilles on under News, Nice Reads | Read the First Comment

There’s an excellent post by Curt Monash on the underlying technology of Qlikview. Nothing really new, but a very nice summary of how it works, with comments from (among others) TDWI’s Wayne Eckerson and Håkan Wolgé (the author of qlikview 1.0 code and still chief architect at Qliktech).

One thing really new to me was the following part and I quote: Read more of this article »

Qliktech and Human Inference work together for better dataquality

Posted by Gilles on 04/05/2010 under News | Be the First to Comment

There’s a press release on EarthPublisher.com about a new technology partner for Qliktech. They start working together with Human Inference. Human Inference is a Dutch company and  is the European market leader in data quality solutions. They focus on high quality solutions developed for large databases and critical systems. The solutions are based on natural language processing. You can read their corporate factsheet here. You can read the press release here (in Dutch).

I consider this as a little bit strange partnership. I thought Human Inference works on your source systems, like your main CRM system and would love to hear how this works in conjunction with qlikview. Any thoughts?

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