The underlying technology of QlikView

Posted by Gilles on 15/06/2010 under News, Nice Reads | Read the First Comment

There’s an excellent post by Curt Monash on the underlying technology of Qlikview. Nothing really new, but a very nice summary of how it works, with comments from (among others) TDWI’s Wayne Eckerson and Håkan Wolgé (the author of qlikview 1.0 code and still chief architect at Qliktech).

One thing really new to me was the following part and I quote:

The main ingredient of the performance secret sauce in QlikView is that selections are compiled straight into machine code. (QlikTech gave me the impression that this post is the first time that will be publicly revealed.) Notes on that include:

  • In the old days, QlikTech thought compilation gave a 10X performance benefit vs. interpreted code. However, 5X might be a more up-to-date figure.
  • It’s not just code; part of the compilation is to create temporary lookup tables.
  • A single calculation can use multiple cores. QlikTech thinks it’s done a very solid job of engineering efficient multicore parallelism. (Note: So far as I could tell, Hakan was using “calculation” to refer both to queries and, well, calculations.)
  • There’s a good reason QlikView runs only on Intel-compatible processors. A port would be painful.

So read the full story here: The underlying technology of QlikView

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